Stuck on loading in Home Screen?

I’m not sure what’s happening, but I keep getting this loading on the home screen and it takes forever to populate. Never used to do this.

First, what version number of Infuse? I’ve seen this sometimes after an update to the tvOS and after a restart of the ATV it went away.


What model of ATV?

Figured it out. Server was down. Cheers though!

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Currently, the the home screen model will attempt to load all lists at once. If there is a delay with one of the servers responding, this can slow down the entire process.

However, for the 8.0 update we are working to revamp this entire process and allow each section to load individually. This means you would see content from servers which are available right away, while other lists from slower servers appear a bit later. Overall, the loading times and browsing experience will be much improved.