Stuck on itunes logo with usb - suggestions?

I successfully installed ATVFlash black, but when I turn the ATV off and on, I get stuck on a screen with an itunes logo and USB and have lost access to everything. The only option appears to be to restore and reinstall ATV. This means I cannot turn the machine off which is just awkward. Any suggestions for fixes welcome :slight_smile:


What version of firmware have you installed on the ATV2? If it is the 4.4.x series then this is expected behaviour as the JB for 4.4.x is tethered (meaning that it has to be reconnected to the PC/Mac for booting any time the ATV2 loses power). If you want an untethered JB then you have to be using the 4.3 series firmware on the ATV2.

An untethered JB for the 4.4.x series firmware is being worked on, but as far as I know there is no ETA for its availability.