Stuck on installation step at Smart Installer

Hi there,

Just downloaded aTV Flash today for my 160G Apple TV.

Made it through the patchstick creation with no problems. Installed onto the Apple TV which has put all the necessary software on there.

The next step is different when following either the Wiki or the Screencasts video…

According to the Wiki I should then head to: Maintenance > Settings > Nito Smart Installer.

I click this and end up on the “Downloading 10.4.9 Update” screen. The progress bar doesn’t move and in less than a minute an error screen comes up saying “An Error Occurred.”

According to the Screencasts video guide I should head to: nitoTV > Settings > Install Software.

I’m able to select the nitoTV menu and navigate down to Settings. Once I select Settings the screen freezes. The LED on the Apple TV box registers that I’m clicking the remote, but nothing happens on screen. After a few minutes the Apple TV resets, asks me to select my Language & Screen Resolution, then says it’s in Recovery Mode and would I like to Restart or Factory Reset.

Clearly I’m new to this (!) so have searched the forum for similar questions but haven’t found anything.

Has anyone else solved this problem, or able to point me in the right direction please?


I’m stuck at this part too. My progress bar does move but I eventually get the “An error occured” message. I tried rebooting and it did refetch the file but it still failed in the end.

Does your AppleTV have a working Internet connection? If the download becomes interrupted by a weak or no Internet connection you may receive an error.

Also, you will want to ensure you have at least 300mb of free space available on the AppleTV for the download.

Me too - and this is my second year with the aTV Flash subscription and the first with problems. :slight_smile:

After many trys to install AFP, I completely reset and upgraded to current ATV OS. Then re-installed the patchstick. All looks well untill I try to run Smart Installer - it then says “An error occured.”, wow thanks. Guess I’ll dig into logs if I can get into the ATV.

I’m having the same problem. Download, flash drive creation and atvflash install all seemed to work ok. But when I try to run the smart installer, add any plugin or enable any feature it gives me an error:

“An error has occurred; hit play/pause to restart your apple tv.”

Did that a few times and now its just continuously rebooting. I paid 50 bucks to be annoyed on a Saturday…not good…not happy.

ATVFlash people…you need to fix this quickly.


I have the same issue, except that the Smart Installer did run for me. However if I attempt to do anything much in the ‘NitoTV’ or ‘Maintenance’ menus I get the ‘an error ocurred’ screen.
I restored factory settings before installing aTV 3 & aTV flash 4 and did not over-write the aTV folder. I have tried ‘Network’ ‘Playlists’ ‘Manage Plugins’ and ‘Install Extras’ and ‘Manage Plug-ins’ and any attempt to install/set up anything other than nitoTV or SmartInstaller immediately produces the error. The main reason for having aTV flash for me is to have an external USB drive with avi files on. I have now lost access to that.

I wonder if the problem is not wider than the SmartInstaller: you mght find that even if you got that on your appleTV you would still get the same message for everything else, as I do.

I just got a message from M$oft - advising me to upgrade to 3.01 on my ATV. I checked my current version and it is 3.01 (the one that I can’t get to work) - suppose there is a conflict here with ATV Flash 4.0?

Hate them x.0’s :slight_smile: everything needs at least one OMG before it works!

Yes, there are a few issues with aTV Flash and 3.0.1. An update will be available soon.

Follow this thread for updates.

yep me also. Was just about to install aTV flash for the first time when my ATV said I needed an update so I did as I was told and updated. Have a lovely new interface now and ATV flash seemed to install fine but then when I go to Smart Installer I get the error code. When will an update be available?