Stuck on apple logo on bootup. Should I wait before buying?

Hey everyone,
I have a jailbroken ATV2 with firmware 4.3 on it.


I don’t have ATVFlashblack installed on it yet (I wish I had bought it before).

I updated my NITOTV, and now when I turn the ATV on, it just sticks at the bootup screen with the apple logo on it. I’ve left it for hours and I just get the logo.


I can’t seem to WinSCP into it.


When I plug it into Itunes, my only options are to restore it back to a factory reset, which I know will put the new firmware on, meaning I won’t be able to jailbreak it.


Will buying ATVFlash black now enable me to get into the apple and restore it or should I wait until the new jailbreak comes, factory reset it, and then jailbreak and buy ATVFlash black and restore it?

Is there a way to get past this apple logo stuck screen?


use ifaith to to save shsh blobs at first , then read jailbraking section treads.