Stuck on 5.0.2 - trying to update but it keeps failing

Jailbroken apple tv 2 - 5.0.2 firmware

Trying to update to 5.3 so I can run netflix (stopped working)

I run seasonpass and I also run the atv2 but it doesn’t work (still on 5.0.2 and netflix doesnt work)

I have download 5.3 firmware and try to manually install it through itunes (and then to rerun jailbreak) but it does not allow me to update.

Any tips?

This is never going to work unless you have been running 5.3 previously and have saved your SHSH blobs for firmware 5.3 (which I’m guessing you haven’t because if you had you wouldn;t bother downgrading to 5.0.2)

5.3 is now an outdated firmware, so it’s no longer being ‘signed’ by Apple. In order to install this firmware you would need to sign the firmware yourself using SHSH blobs. But you can only have SHSH blobs for firmware 5.3 if your ATV2 has been running 5.3 and you created a backup of your SHSH blobs whilst running 5.3.

You can only install a jailbroken firmware for which you already have SHSH blobs, or which is currently being signed by Apple. However the latest software for the ATV2 currently cannot be jailbroken, which is v6.2.1 according to the firmware wiki. Since 6.2.1 cannot be jailbroken your only option for running jailbroken firmware is to run a version that you have SHSH blobs for.

For instance, if you bought a old ATV2 off someone and it turned out to be running 5.3 you could backup your SHSH blobs, then use Seas0npass to jailbreak 5.3, sign it with the SHSH blobs and then reinstall the jailbroken version of 5.3 on your ATV2.

Since your device is on 5.0.2 all you can do is backup your SHSH blobs for 5.0.2 and then use Seasonpass to jailbreak and sign 5.0.2, and re-install the jailbroken version of 5.0.2 on your ATV2.

I’ve had my ATV2 for a while and have backup SHSH blobs for a variety of firmware versions along the way, so this enables me to reinstall any of these older firmware versions.

5.3 (6.1.4) is still being signed

Thanks for this! I had no idea 5.3 was still being signed. My own unit was still running 5.2.1 so I upgraded it to 5.3 for a fresh start, and it’s running much better now. I didn’t have any trouble whatsoever with the update. Just installed the latest version of SeasonPass on my Mac, connected my Apple TV2, put it in DFU mode and then proceeded with the jailbreak.

I did however try to get SeasonPass to backup my firmware signatures on 5.2.1 first, and it failed on both my Mac and my Windows machine. Not too worry though as I had already backup them up through Firecore’s Maintenance app.

Anybody know why Apple are still signing 6.1.4 (5.3) when 7.1.2 is the latest firmware and also being signed?