i jailbroke my appletv2 a long time ago with no problem. and i wasnt thinking but i updated through my apple tv on my network (didn’t hook it up to my computer) the update went through fine, but when i try to re-jailbreak my apple tv is stuck in recovery mode and doesnt come out! but whats even more weird is that when i try and hook it back up to my tv it works perfectly fine, and i try to re hook it to my computer and its stuck in recovery! please help me! thanks!!


I got one stuck in recovery yesterday. I went for the full upgrade to 5.2.1 using iTunes to restore the Apple TV then downgraded again.
** Please note I had already saved my shsh blob (5.1) using iFaith **

Once out of recovery mode I followed the sn0wbreeze instructions (on one of the threads here) to sign my IPSW with the saved blobs and restore back to 5.1


what if i didnt save my shsh blob?

If you have no saved shsh blobs then you will not be able jailbreak. If you can still connect to your TV then check your IOS version


Settings > General > About


Get a copy of iFaith and save your blobs. Always a good idea regardless of current version.


i updated to the latest version. so if i updated and didnt save the blobs im screwed?

You could load up iFaith and see if your blobs were at some point saved remotely to Cydia. Maybe a long shot now.


As a last resort there is this posting. Not tried it myself


what is the ifaith equivalent for mac?

i could only find an .exe for ifaith

None that I know of. Supposed to be a MAC friendly version soon…find a win doze machine in the meantime