Stuck at iTunes restore script successful? Then I get Error 1601


I had my ATV2 Jailbroken at 5.0.2 then stupidly updated to 5.3. Now I cant get the teathered version to work! Why!? When it goes to look for ipsw it goes to a empty folder and sits there. I then path it to user/tethered/ipsw for 5.3. It then tries to restore and I get the picture show above.  I also can factory restore from apple 5.3 either. It says

This device isn't eligible for the requested build

What am I suppose to do. Is it a brick now? I never backed up with tiny umberlla before just now looked into that process.


Please help. Reward offered

You need to use iFaith to see if there any saved blobs on Cydia.  if the 5.0.2 blobs are saved then you will be able to restore to 5.0.2 (provided the blob is 7.21Kb in size and not 1.99Kb).

One of the funny little games Seas0npass plays when you scroll down and right click on a firmware to restore to, is to tell you that the ATV isn’t eligible for that build (even if the blobs are stored at Cydia).  You have to do it again and them magically it starts to download the IPSW for the selected (valid) build.