Stuck at Home Sharing Screen - update activation?

Hi all

I’ve jailboken my ATv2 for a while now, however when I switched it on this evening all I get is two icons Computers and Settings. No other icons are there.

I was on a earlier version of season pass so I flash it with the latest version (5.0.2 4250) But updating the box has no effect, again only two icons. Can anyone tell me what is going on?

Thanks in advance



As I had ssh, I went on ahead and installed XBMC. When completed I found it was greyed out but I able to selected it.

I went through all the apple menu’s and found an entry under about apple tv. Activation :failed. Anyone seen this before?


It seems I have a DNS entry problem someplace - I had used Google DNS but when I switched it back to mu ISP’s all seems well. Just wasted about 4 hours work…