Is anyone using StrongVPN or similar program with AppleTV and Tunnelblick? How do you set it up and open the program? I am in Canada and want to access BBC iPlayer.

A guide for setting up an using a VPN can be seen here:

Not helpful: I asked specifically about experience with StrongVPN.

You should assume I had read the tutorial, and needed more specific information.

The tutorial itself is woefully inadequate and needs further elaboration.

Must one re-label .opvn configuration files (as provided by Astril) to .conf or does it not matter? Can there be multiple .conf files?

What to do if "Install Extras" menu does not appear.

What to do if Tunnelblick cannot be "Enabled"

Do you input login ID and password before or after setting "Enabled" or "Auto-Start", or does it not matter?

What is the difference between ""Enabled" and "Auto-Start" and when should one use the one rather than the other?

What next?

Do you then have to open Tunnelblick from Nito "Applications" menu? What should then be seen? How does one then access "Firefox" or "Boxee" with Tunnelblick active?

These questions all arise from my following the turorial with Astril VPN and having absolutely no success making it work, only frustration piled on frustration. I am not getting the help I need to determine whether the fault(s) lie with aTVFlash, Astril, or my ignorance of some basic prerequisites or procedures. FireCore Support is silent.