Stricter Parental Controls

The current Parental Controls are lacking in the fact that if you choose a movie, tv show, or folder that is password protected and enter the password, it will not ask you for your password again until you completely get out of Infuse.

This kind of defeats the purpose of Parental Controls, since you have to make sure to close Infuse after watching anything that was protected.

For example, if you unlock a PG-13 movie for your 12-year old, he can immediately exit out and go watch any R or TV-MA show. Or your younger child can come in later and watch whatever they want without restriction

There needs to be a toggle to require the password each and every time someone tries to watch any restricted content.

Today’s 6.4.9 update adds a new option in the Parental Controls section which allows you to choose how often a PIN code prompt should appear. EG Every Session or Every Play

Setting this to Every Play should allow you to achieve the result you are looking for.

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