stretch 4:3 to 16:9



I think if shows that are in 4:3 were stretched to 16:9 would be a really neat feature.

XBMC can do this already, but I’d rather use the default media player because I find xbmc is slower.

I like to watch content in its original format, so stretching to 16:9 by default would not be popular with me. I’d rather put up with the black side bars than have everybody look squat and fat.

It would be nice as an option though. I’ve occasionally come across files that should be 16:9 but were mistakenly encoded at 4:3 - stretching these would restore their true dimensions.

In XBMC “stretch to 16:9” has to be enabled in video playback for the TVCatchup plugin (UK TV channels) to work properly, otherwise everything is squashed to 4:3. Not applicable to Media Player, I know, but indicative of why it might be good to have it as a selectable option.

That is what I meant. Have it available as an option.

I thought that’s what you meant.

Although the Firecore apps in ATVflash black are good, there aren’t too many configuration options at present. I thought I’d make the point that they shouldn’t change the default display method but add the 16:9 stretch as a selectable feature.

I can understand they don’t want to make playing a video file too complex and are trying to maintain the simplicity of the Apple TV interface - but even TVs have this ability.