Streams stopped working after beta 6-5.

Hey guys I was prompted to update to a beta6.5 version of maintenance, updated and now I cannot see any of the livestream, NASA tv, or many more streams I could watch in beta 6 in couch surfer while using the “iPad” user agent… No I only get a blank screen where the stream is and cannot play it, in beta 6 I could watch without a problem. The streams work ok on my iPad 2 iin Safari so it is not a problem with the site. Please help!

Couch Surfer cannot load the m3u8 playlists. That was totally possible in beta 6. Definitely there is something wrong in it. My iPad and iPhone can load it. There is something that conflicts in this beta 6-5. Please guys at FireCore, have a look at it as it is very important for me to have this function working, or tell me how can I downgrade to beta 6 please :frowning:

I just tried to watch another stream ( ) that works on my iPad 2, iPhone 4 and even my 1G iTouch, but in Couch Surfer fails… definitely there is something wrong in the changes you made to it. Is there a way to downgrade to beta 6. ???