Streamlined GUI available?



I’m wanting to set up a nice clean media centre. I have a NAS with a TV shows directory and a MOVIES directory. I’d like to be able to turn on the APTV2 and just see menu options for these two areas.


I don’t want weather, browsing, internet music, settings, netflix, apple suggested top movies etc.


I’m wondering if such a setup is possible?




Peter Gillespie

Yes, you can whittle down the main menu to show only the items you plan to use.

Unwatned menus can be removed through the Maintenance --> Settings --> Show/Hide Menus section.

Hmm, I didn’t have this “Show/Hide Menu” with iOS 4.3 and aTV Flash Beta6… 

Where can I find the Maintenance menu? I don´t find the menu

Have you installed ATV Flash? It will not appear until you have.

Yes, I have. But I find only Movies an Settings.