streaming video to IOS devices via aTV Flash black connected to a NAS


This is a bit of a noob question but can someone tell me what is the simplest way of streaming video from a NAS via the aTV flash black to iPhones and iPADs? The video files are a mix of MKV, AVI, MP4, etc. I’ve want to replace my current setup which is Air Play on a laptop. 


I am not sure I understand the question a you phrased it?

If you simply want to play video off a NAS on a iPhone or iPad then you do not need to involve the ATV at all. There are av ariety of media payers for iOS that can play directly of a NAS. I for instance use OPlayer for this purpose, but there are others with similar functionality. Usin Air Play (which is standard ATV2 capability) you an get any video playing on the iPhone/iPad replicated on your TV.

The ATV2 gets involved when you want it to play media from your NAS on your TV without using your iPhone or iPad. That is where ATV Flash (black) comes in. It provides a Media Player that runs on the ATV2 and an play the media directly off the NAS.

Sorry, I meant to stay I was using AIR Video running on the Laptop and not AIR PLAY which is a function of the ATV device. Basically I want to know is can I use the ATV to transcode MKV, AVI, etc from my NAS to play on the IPAD, and if so how do I set it up?

No, ATV2 cannot act as a transcoding engine in the way that you want. I think you were thinking of using the ATV2 as a substitute for the Air Video Server and it cannot fulfil this role.

As I mentioned there are players available on the iPad that can play AVI and MKV files without first transcoding them.

I run Air Video on my iPhone and it works great for transcoding on the fly. I also use it on occasion to push the video to the AppleTV via AirPlay. One of the best paid (maybe THE best) apps I’ve installed. I haven’t tried using it remotely (it is beta functionality) but I look forward to taking advantage of that in the future.