Streaming via NAS (SMB) - adding a second NAS via SMB > Does Infuse combine all available files to one proper library?

Dear community,

currently I’m streaming a lot of files from my NAS via SMB (Infuse Pro 5) to my AppleTV 4K and it works phantastic.

I’m planning of adding a second NAS-system to my home-network and add streamable files on it, too (and connect it exactly like the other one via SMB), due to no other available drive-slots.

My question is: Does Infuse properly creates a “single” library of both storages / NAS without “cluttering” it with e.g. a second “Movies”, “Series”-folder, when adding / connecting to multiple SMB-sources (in my case 2 SMB-NAS)?
Because, if it DOES clutter the user interface up (letting it look “messy” / unpleasent) I’d rather think about replacing my (rather old) NAS and get new one with more slots rather getting a second one. Additionally I would like to avoid navigating through multiple folders / libraries…

(I try to act with the credo “never touch a running system” regarding all my IT-stuff - therefore my preferred option would be NOT to change my current NAS and just add another one).


Infuse will combine all the servers you add into a single library. I’m currently running with files on a NAS and two separate computer servers with all of it combined in Infuse.

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So Infuse basically looks for “matching” file-names / file extension of all connected sources and collects them!

Exactly what I hoped to hear :slight_smile:


One thing to remember, if you have a copy of the same thing on both NAS units it will show two entries so you may want to make sure if you have dupes you move them to a directory on one of the servers that isn’t included in the library. Since you’re adding a second to increase storage this shouldn’t be an issue.

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