Streaming to Multiple Speakers

Hi. Looking into aTV Flash (black). It looks like it will be perfect for interacting with my Apple TV for the streaming of music from a NAS (particularly flac files), using the Apple Remote on my iPad, without having to have iTunes running on a computer (I don’t want to turn the computer on just to listen to music, would rather just have the NAS on). Haven’t bought the NAS yet.

But in addition to the speakers coming out of AV Receiver (to which the Apple TV is connected), I also have two other sets of speakers in two different rooms in the house. Currently, I can stream music from iTunes running on my Windows computer, to any (or all) of these speakers, using the Remote app on my iPad. They get their signal from an attached Airport Express WiFi device. Using the Remote app on my iPad, I can choose which speakers to send the music to. My Apple TV turns itself on when I choose it from the Remote app, but I don’t have to turn the actual TV on to see what is happening for music, because it is all showing on the Remote App on the iPad. Can I do this with aTV Flash (black)?

I am assuming that, instead of seeing, as now, the iTunes list of my media, I will see some kind of aTV generated view of my media library (is this the Media Player you talk about on your site?) on my Remote app. Because it is from the Remote app on my iPad that I can choose my various speaker configurations (one of which is the Apple TV, and others are the Airport Express attached speakers), I am assuming that if I can see a non-iTunes media library on my Remote app, I will be able to use it in the same way.

Is this possible using aTV (black)? Thanks.

No - ATV2 will not do what I think you are describing.

The FireCore Media player is a program that runs on the ATV2 that palys media of the network and outputs sound and video to the outputs plugged into the ATV2 itself.   The Video is alwaqys output over the HDMI connection, and the sound can be either via the HDMI connection (to pout it through the TV speakers) or an Optical audio connection to put it through an amp. 

There is no concept of you being able to see any of this media on your iPad/iPhone type devices which is what you seemed to be asking for?

Ok. Thanks. Will have to rethink it.