Streaming to Chromecast from iPhone freezes every 2-3 minutes despite flawless playback for those few minutes

Like the title says. I have a 1080p .mkv 8gb x264 file locally in Infuse 7.3.1 on my iPhone 12 with iOS 15.2, and tried to stream it to a friend’s smart tv which has a built-in chromecast. Both the smart TV and my phone was on the same home network. It worked beautifully and the picture was crystal sharp for about 2 minutes until the movie suddenly froze, as if it was buffering or something. It then continueed to play for another 2-4 minutes I think, before it froze again, but this time it wouldn’t resume.

The same file streams just fine at home from the same iPhone via AirPlay to my own AppleTV 4K (2021), both on iOS and tvOS 15.2, with no problems. Issue occured on built-in Chromecast on a smart tv.

I remember I had trouble with Chromecast stopping every few minutes many years ago as well (the newest at the time, hockey puck version), I thought this’d be fixed by now.

Is there something I can do to make chromecast work? Most people don’t have an AppleTv, but they do have chromecast either built-in or as a stick, and I’d like to bring my movies with me on my phone in Infuse.

See my post here

Thanks for responding.

I understand I can carry with me a dongle, but most of the time I don’t do that, and I’d like to just cast video from infuse on my iphone directly to a chromecast enabled tv, the way this feature is supposed to work. Why have the option to stream to chromecast if its not working?

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