Streaming to AppleTV - correct decision

I’ve been using Infuse on my iPads to watch movies from my smb share for a while.
However, the problems are still the same with many of my movies, and they persist between versions of the product (e.g. gray square appears at the bottom of the screen, movies refuse playing mid- process, hangs, stops etc). I think that mostly these problems affect HD movies (1080p and up)

Am I using the best configuration possible? I stream content to my big plasma via AirPlay over 5GHz WiFi. Maybe I would better off purchasing Infuse for AppleTV? is it better at playing HD content? How hard it would be to navigate smb folders with content? Can iPad still be used to navigate, view and select my movies, and AppleTV will do all other heavy lifting related to decoding and playing, without airplay streaming involved.

If you have already bought Infuse for your iPad then you don’t need to pay again for the Apple TV version.

The important thing is to ensure you are using the same iTunes account and that you buy it from the App Store in the same way … If you installed the free version on your iPad and upgraded to Pro by in-app purchase then you must do the same on the Apple TV, similarly if you purchased the Pro directly on the iPad then you must do the same on the Apple TV.

Whoops … Just realised that this is in the forum for the ATV2 version of Infuse where the above does not apply … The above is only for the new ATV4 which has an App Store.