Streaming thru proxy on MacOS

Hi folks,

Recently I set up a proxy with Surge for streaming contents in my google drive because google is blocked in this country and everything works perfectly on IOS infuse. But on my MBP(M1), with the same Surge config file under the same internet connection, Infuse can successfully fetch and update metadata but not able to play it by returning a loading error.

FYI, MacOS infuse works perfectly without proxy before I moved to this country.

Can anyone help me with this please?


It’s quite possible that it’s not going through your proxy when streaming media. You should be able to see what’s going on in surge log files to see if that’s the case. If the log files aren’t verbose enough you can monitor your connection by grabbing a TCP packet capture using something like wireshark and posting it here.


Rule Evaluating - ≤ 1 ms
Establishing Connection - 92 ms
Active - 61 s

15:21:51.661440 Sub-rule matched: DOMAIN-SUFFIX
15:21:51.661483 Rule matched: RULE-SET Google.list
15:21:51.753792 TCP connection established
15:22:53.132395 Disconnect with reason: Closed by client

The log in surge looks like this, seems the connection is established but there is few data flow (less than 10 KB) transferred and connection closed by client.

after opening Enhanced Mode everything is working!

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