streaming streamed flash..

Not sure if this is the right forum or not really. 


Is there a way that I can stream streamed flash content to my TV, through my ATV2? 

I’m able to view streamed content on my iMac through Safari, specifically a sports event. 


Is there a way I can stream that to my TV through my ATV2? 


The content is flash, not HTML5, I’ve found a few tools that enable HTML5, but nothing for flash. 

There is no support for flash on ATV2. I believe that an attempt was made to port it, but that performance was abysmal (I.e. something like 3 frames a second) so it was deemed a failure. The ATV2 does not seem to have the horsepower to support flash which is a known resource hog.

Thanks for your reply… I was hoping there was a way I could use the power of my iMAC to do the decoding, and ATV for the actual planing. Wishful I know…!

Does Plex offer such an option?