Streaming performance


i use infuse on my Apple Tv 4 4k to stream content from my mac book book. The Mac book is connected with a ethernet cable and the apple Tv stand next to the router. When i tested the connection speed on the Apple TV to the internet i get the full speed of my WAN (500mbits). That means the WLAN is fast enough to transfer data.

Now the issue:

When i will test the share speed i get 50-70mbits not more. Fore a HD movie it is enough, for 4k it isnt.

What can i do ?

kind regards


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Have you tried playing a 4K video?

The Speed test from Infuse isn’t a “as fast as absolutely possible” test it’s takes other factors in to approximate what a video would require.

Give it a shot with a 4K video and see if you see any issues.

Thx a lot. Yes, when I play 4K video it interrupt every 10 sec.

Is this via an SMB connection? If so you may have better luck changing the SMB advanced settings where you can select SMB 3, SMB 2, etc from Auto to Legacy.

What year mac book just out of curiosity?


I also tried they different smb versions with no effect. My Mac book is from Dezember 19.

Have you tried switching over to WiFi for both the ATV and the MacBook? We’ve had quite a few users find better results with Wifi over Ethernet in certain situations.