Streaming over network from a server? Possible?

I have attempted to stream via a Apple router and although I could get it to stream to my laptop and iMac, I couldn’t get it to work on my Apple TV no matter what. 

So, I have tried another route. I had a spare Powermac G5 2Ghz dual core kicking around in the garage. I was going to sell it, but decided to try it out as a server instead. Streams effortlessly and so I stuck a 1Tb HDD into it and started trying out video streaming. Again, no problem. 

Does anyone know whether it is possible to stream video for the 1st Gen Apple TV (Firecore’d) ? 


What settings are you using to connect to the Airport Extreme?

When connecting from the AppleTV you will need to set the ‘username’ to ‘guest’.


I’m running 2 x Apple TV OS V.10.4.7 (Build 8N6014)

I have a PowerMac 2Ghz (PowerPC G5) connected to my wireless router and currently set up via SYSTEM PREFERENCES > SHARING 

I allow open access to 1 folder (Read Only) called “Film 1Tb”

In the building I have 2 x iMac 20", 1 x Mini Mac and 1 x Macbook Air which are all Intel, all running updated OSX Snow Leopard. My children and partner use these units in various parts of the house. They can all see and access “Film 1Tb” 

  • Please note I am NOT 100% proficient with setting up networks etc and it was purely by trial and error that I got this all running smoothly. 

I bought ALL the films on the HDD and ripped them using Handbrake / Fairmount so that I could view them on my Macs without searching through DVDs and so when I was away from the home I could access the films. 

Now, the problem is that no matter what I do I cannot set up the AFP networking on the Apple TV. It’s a combination of user ignorance (I freely admit) and frustrating error messages / setup. I really wished you guys would consider putting an “Idiots guide to…” setting this up?! 

I have had to duplicate the 1Tb HDD three times so that I have access on 2 x Apple TV units via 2 x external USB hard drive, plus as mentioned above. It’s cumbersome and seems totally pointless. 

  1. WIFI Set up perfectly as I can use iTunes

  2. HDD Set up perfectly as I can access connected USB drive

If I attempt to set up a networked AFP mount I get the following message: 

AFP is not enabled properly or is missing essential components, Smart Installer with a 1.0 recovery dmg in -/Documents will fix this issue” 

So, Installation Manager > Smart Installer > “It’s thinking” and then “Install Success” (although I note that bluetooth.prefPane and ALWAYS fail to install).

I then go to enable AFP access in Service Manager and get “AFP Unavailable, AppleFileServer Missing, cannot enable” 

No matter how many times I attempt to get this running, reinstall ALL the software (from scratch, i.e. full factory restore and download aTV etc, it fails in exactly the same manner on BOTH Apple TV units). 

I checked Console Log and couldn’t find anything obvious, but I am at a total loss now. 


Any ideas what-so-ever? Imagine I am a complete networking noob and we might just get somewhere in the end… sigh! I’d really like my 2 x 1.5Tb external drives back, tidy up my TV area with no hard drives lying around and also put the Powermac G5 to full use (otherwise I am just wasting electricity here!) 

Thank you in advance from frustrated end user! 










I am having the same problem as mentioned above. I can use ftp to log into the Apple TV and even the USB Hard Drive that is attached. I can view videos off of this USB HD as well. But the minute I try afp or smb it will not work with a NAS. I went through all of the Terminal steps and such but cannot seem to find the problem. I do see one thing that might be the problem but I went through the steps to fix it and well, it did not. When I try to log on through SSH this is what it says, “The RSA host key for appletv.local has changed” In the Service Manager I cannot select SSH Access or AFP Access. FTP Access states On though. 

Thanks for any help!!