Streaming issues with 200mbps+ download speeds

Hi, I’m watching a 4K movie with Infuse 6.4 using PLEX as a media server on an Apple TV 4K. Everything was working fine with no issues until the last 10 minutes of the film when I got the spinning loading circle on my screen. I went to check on my laptop, everything seems to be working fine, I did an internet speed test and my wifi works fine with 200mbps+ of download speeds. Netflix, Hulu, all my other apps work fine. I’m testing the speed of the movie I’m watching in Infuse and I’m getting 0.00-0.822Mbps speeds. I have no idea why. I restarted my Apple TV, disconnected PLEX media server and reconnected, nothing seems to help. Not sure what went wrong here. Any help is much appreciated.

Sorry you’re having problems, internet speed really doesn’t have much to do with streaming in Infuse unless you’re streaming from a cloud share and then it’s usually from the start of the video. More likely you’re seeing delays due to local network conditions. Are you connecting via WiFi or Ethernet? The speeds kind of sound like a poor WiFi connection.

Hi, I’m connected via WiFi yes. I think I figured out the problem… my hard drive was close to full so I deleted a few things off of it and all the sudden Infuse speed was back to around 200Mbps again