streaming infuse away from home network?

so, someone mention in another post that it is possible to stream your infuse library away from home without using dropbox or google drive, does anyone know if this is true, if so how do we set this up?

The easiest way is to use Plex connected with Infuse.

To get the best quality playback with zero transcoding, use WEBDAV setup which if you search the forums there are instructions to do so, however for easy playback for not so high quality videos that might still require transcoding with possible stutter/pausing, you can use PLEX setup which I personally am not a big fan of.

The Plex connection with Infuse won’t transcode (yet).

Double post.

Not sure if you found a way yet, I think there are a few…

If you have a Synology NAS, its pretty easy.
The Synology has a section in the control panel for external access… walks you through the simple setup.

I’ve then downloaded on my iPhone and iPad the Synology DS File app.
Using this app I log in remotely to my NAS, and when I select a file it gives me the option to play with the DS File player, or Infuse.
Selecting Infuse opens the Infuse app and plays the file.