Streaming high bitrate files (4k 200mbit etc.)?

Hi all,

I am planning on buying an Asus 68U as well as an Apple TV 4k incl. Infuse Pro.

Just want to make sure that, when connecting my 4TB WD Mybook HDD using LAN cables through the 68U, everything runs super smooth.

I am planning to play 4k UHD HDR MKV movies, as well as 1080p x265 10bit files and 4k x265 10bit files, which I record and edit myself using a Panasonic GH5. Bitrates can be up to 200Mbit/s, hence I prefer to check in advance. :slight_smile:


Commercial 4K HDR content tops out around 120Mbps, and Infuse has no trouble with these. We’ve also tested some of the Jellyfish ( reference files, and it seems the Apple TV HW decoder tops out around 200Mbps (IIRC, the 200Mbps samples played ok, but the 250Mbps files did not).

YMMV depending on the actual files, network traffic, etc… but there is a decent chance you should be ok.

Are you connecting the Mybook to the Asus AC68U via a USB 3.0 cable and using the router as a NAS?? The AC68u tends to top out just above 20MB/s in terms of read speed, which may be cutting it close for high bitrate 4k content. Certainly would cause chugging and buffering with 200mbit content(200/8 = 25MB/s). See this small net builder review: AC1900 First Look: NETGEAR R7000 & ASUS RT-AC68U - SmallNetBuilder

If you spend about $50 more and get the Asus 86U(which i own), the newer processor can saturate gigabit ethernet at about 103MB/s(824mbps): ASUS RT-AC86U Dual Band AC2900 Wireless Router Reviewed - SmallNetBuilder

If you already own a router that you like, I would look into getting a cheap ARM NAS and shucking your hard drive in your Mybook and placing it into the NAS. My sister bought a QNAP TS228 last year for $130, and it does over 100MB/s.

From OP:

“Just want to make sure that, when connecting my 4TB WD Mybook HDD using LAN cables through the 68U…”

…which doesn’t really make sense, since - as far as I know - the Mybook doesn’t have LAN.??

The Mybook is USB while the Mycloud is ethernet which is why I asked. I wasn’t sure if he meant he was connecting the Mybook to the NAS with USB and connecting everything else with LAN cables, or he misquoted having a different product.

I indeed made an error here. I will be connecting the MyBook to the 68U using USB 3.0 and the 68U to the Apple TV via LAN cable. :slight_smile:

Many thanks for your advice. I am planning to connect the MyBook directly to the router using the default USB 3.0 cable. The router will be connected to the Apple TV through a Cat 5 or Cat 6 LAN cable.

So the 86U would be a better fit? What about the 87U which, in Spain, seems to score better and is cheaper. What is the main difference?

Is this something that can be improved Ina further update or an Apple TV 4k issue?

Yes, the 68U is perfectly fine for 1080P or lower bitrate 4k. But if you plan on doing the highest bitrate 4k, the 68U is working at it’s limit where you might run into some annoying buffering.

I own the 86U and it’s fast, giving enough transfer speed for 4k high bitrate, and the software in the router is amazing. I used to use DDWRT on my R7000(same processor/chipset as 68U) router for years, but have since purchased the 86U I have found the AsusWRT which is based on openWRT to be much nicer.

Things I like about the router:
– I’ve owned it for 2 months so far, and it’s been completely stable so far, no need to reset it or power cycle it. I work it hard too!!!
–The free Dynamic DNS works great, just choose a name and see if it’s available. I don’t have to log in after 30 days or whatever like other free DDNS services, just set it and forget it. It simply works!!! I can access my Plex server and NAS from anywhere in the world, reliably.
– Parental controls are great!!! Including content filtering white and blacklist updated by trend micro.
– Free malware/malicious content filter provided by trend micro. Whenever you get onto a website that is suspected of being malicious, it’ll give you a redirect page asking if you want to continue. Sure enough, the website in question is filled with shady links.
– The ability to use another router such as the 68U or other Asus routers as wireless Mesh points with a wired or wireless backhaul. That’s actually why I got the 86U, Microcenter had a deal for 86U’s for $149.99 each when you buy 2.

I should note that I don’t use the USB port, I have a proper QNAP NAS.

The 87U(broadcom 4709) uses a similar chipset to the 68U(Broadcom 4708) and it’s clocked at the same 1ghz. However, the 87U has two dual-core processors on board instead of just one. The main dual core processor handles all the software and USB transfers, while the second handles all the wifi and network traffic related tasks. So it’s supposed to have better USB transfer speeds compared to the 68U. The 87U seems to fall halfway between the performance of the 68U and 86U with the 87U having speeds of 50MB/s write and 70MB/s read, which should be fine for 4K high bitrate: ASUS RT-AC87U Dual-band Wireless-AC2400 Gigabit Router First Look - SmallNetBuilder

In any case, no matter the router, if there is a “reduce USB interference” setting available, make sure you play with enabling and disabling that setting if using a USB 3.0 hard drive. The wifi radio can sometimes interfere with the USB port.