Streaming from Sandisk wireless

How can I stream in Infuse directly from my Sandisk wireless? I have seen a post related to Seagate wireless, assume the same response that the files work on webDAV?

WebDAV is something we're wokring to add for an upcoming version. :)

+1 for this addition

I found some more information:

  1. It uses AirStash® Technology
    Sandisk Wireless Media Drive

  2. If a media format (mkv, avi) isn’t supported it tells you to download “Real Player Cloud” which is a terrible application but it DOES find the drive right away.

Hi James,

Great work on the latest version! I too own the Sandisk WFD, and Infuse works great with it, albeit only in direct connect mode between a tablet and the Sandisk. When I try to connect both to a common wifi network, the Infuse app returns an invalid user/password error and fails to connect to the WFD.

I tried using a webDAV client to see what the fuss was, and between playing with that and browsing the Sandisk forums, it seems like there is a default authentication where the username = owner, and the password = or .

Do you think the ability to configure this on the Infuse app side could be added in the next release to accommodate connecting to the Sandisk in a shared wifi environment?

I see the ability to add a share via WebDAV but it wants an IP as well as a username, password, path, and everything I have tried it gives me an HTTP error 400. Sandisk Wireless Media Drive

The SanDisk Wireless Media Drive is not supported (yet)


Actually…it is supported in the latest version, but only if you connect your ipad directly to the Sandisk wifi (not using shared internet connection mode). I tested using it directly connected and it works as advertised.

When I tried using it with both the ipad and the Sandisk connected to a common router(shared internet connection mode), Infuse returns an error saying bad user/pass combination.

I did some digging on Sandisk forums and found that if I used a webDAV client(Cyberduck) and using shared internet connection mode I CAN connect to the Sandisk using a username of “owner” and password “whatever-you-assigned-to-your-sandisk”.

Therefore, if Infuse could provide a UI that allows us to enter this information (I assume right now it is always defaulting to anonymous, which doesn’t seem to be valid during shared internet connection mode), then Infuse app will play quite nicely with the Sandisk.

Please vote this feature request up!


a total scam, it doesn’t work! i’ve wasted weeks of my life trying to play videos with subtitles (the only reason i bought this crap software.) it will only play weird files on infuse via the sandisk app. it won’t find the sandisk device direct. more money down the drain. thanks a lot for all the lies.

Hello all, & Hello audacious nomad,

audacious nomad can you tell us how you did succeed in connecting infuse on the sandisk media drive.

As for me the available Shares keeps running without ever finding the drive even though im wifi connected in direct with it.


It doesn’t work, we have been having an ongoing discussion about it using the link below. The SanDisk Wireless Media Drive is not supported… Yet… If Ever… It’s Playing Pro works though.


Up this post for request exactly that, I’d like to share sandisk wifi content when connect through common wifi network

Native sandisk app works while direct connect and while sharing connection

besides you will reach miniatures and metadata from Internet, if only direct connect I can’t download information of movies to improve my library