Streaming from OneDrive doesn't work anymore - help needed


Suddenly I can’t see my OneDrive share on tvOS anymore. It used to work. Also, iCloud sync doesn’t seem to work anymore. I have the annual subscription option.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

In iOS:

  • Removing the Onedrive folder/account, adding it again and logging on again
  • Turning iCloud sync off and on
  • Closing the app and opening it again
  • Deleting the app and downloading it again
  • Turning the iPhone off and on
  • Updating the iOS version on the iPhone

In tvOS:

  • Closing the app and opening it again
  • Restarting the Apple TV
  • Hard restarting the Apple TV
  • Turning iCloud Sync off and on
  • Deleting the app and installing it again

When I watch movies from Onedrive in the iOS app, everything is fine.

This is really frustrating. Any advice?

Edit: Now I can’t even open the Infuse app in tvOS anymore. It just crashes after 1-2 seconds. Can this be a hardware error in Apple TV? Other apps seems to work as normal.