Streaming from network drive problems

I can stream most of my MKV movies from my network drive to my ipad or iphone no problems. But when I “airplay” to my 3rd gen Apple TV all i get is a green pixelated screen about 10-15min into any movie that I play. OR the audio sync is horrible… BUT when I play it on my ‘infused’ aTV 2gen, it plays just fine.

I dont know why, but when I start a movie, about 10-15 minutes into any movie (mostly MVK) and some high data rate AVI/Xvid); if the video goes green screen or freeze frame; my first reaction if to check to see if the iphone/ipad is still connected via “airplay”. When I ‘swipe’ up in iOS7, the ‘player’ says its playing an audio file and NOT the video file on my iphone; On my iPad, which doesnt have any audio it just shows its not connected, but when I touch the airplay button, it says im connected but NOT MIRRORING. 

Anyone have any ideas on whats going on ? or FC have feedback?