Streaming from NAS & subtitles

Before I buy the PRO version, I’ve a question: normally I stream all my videos from my Western Digital Livebook, and in this situation, can I add subtitles from internet ? Or I have to download to my iPad, and then locally add subtitles from internet.



It actually works both ways.

You can stream videos and subtitles from your LiveBook.


You can stream videos from the LiveBook and download subtitles right from within Infuse.

Wow, good ! One question more before I buy the PRO version: if I watch an Internet streaming, is it possible to see subtitles directly fron the app ?

Thanks again,


Yes. If streaming from your LiveBook the subtitles will be viewable right within the app.

OK, but I’m talking about the internet’s streaming, not locally from NAS, for example from,,, …

Ah, Infuse doesn’t actually support direct streaming from sites like those right now.