Streaming from NAS stops every couple of minutes

I cant seem to figure out why this problem has just appeared out of nowhere.

I have a WD MyCloud NAS server and up untill now it has worked very well when streaming movies. It works best with Upnp protocol. But now it stops every 2 minutes and I have to close the movie and start over again. The problem doesn't seem to be on my iMac when streaming to that.

I have tried reinstalling the app but that didn't work.

The problem began after i added about ten new movies to the NAS. But it's all movies that has this problem not just the new ones.

Anyone else who has this problem?

streaming with other apps like Netflix work perfectly so it's not the WiFi connection.

I had similar issue recently. Problem was with cheap Netgear switch that was failing [under load]. See if attaching NAS directly to your Wifi router resolves the issue.

Having the same issue with a WD My Book Live. Thought it was the drive, but works ok with my laptop and also with my iPhone. It’s just the iPad that is affected.

I wonder if it has anything to do with Twonky being switched off… I know that has a knock on effect with DLNA UPNP stuff…

Oh - I totally forgot about this thread.

Rebooting the iPad solved the problem for me - try that if you haven’t already.

Well, I actually restored the iPad but that didn’t help. But thinking about it, I didn’t actually power it down in the process. So maybe i’ll try that.


I’m having this exact issue. I’m not sure if it is Infuse of the iPad. I know the iPad has really crappy wifi issues, but I never had this bad of an issue when i was streaming from my PC with the StreamToMe app. The movie will take a while to start playing (30 seconds or so) then it will play for 10 or so minutes and just pause. If I hit play it tends to resume but then it will pause again after a few minutes. This has become very frustrating and seeing that I bought the Pro version really upsetting. Rebooting the iPad doesn’t really do anything BTW.


I seem to be having a similar problem. I can stream an MKV file from my 2TB Time Capsule to my iPad mini/Iphone 5 without problem but if I try to Airplay to my Apple TV3 it starts fine but after a few minutes it stops/pauses then after 10 seconds or so resumes! it will do this 4 or 5 times with each MKV file I try to play.

Just to add I use my iPad Mini to stream NBC Sports and several other apps in HD without any problem so I doubt its a WiFi issue.

Apple TV3
Time Capsule 2TB
Iphone 5
Ipad mini
Virgin Media BB 120MB