Streaming from NAS issue

Have just started using Infuse on Apple TV.

Apple TV is connected to Mac Mini which has all media files stored on USB 3Tb Seagate HD.

All existing media plays perfectly. However any new media hangs with the spinning wheel of death anywhere from a minute to a few minutes in.

If I move the media from the NAS to the Mac Mini desktop which I have temporarily added as a share then plays perfectly (even 4K). Previously added media continues to play perfectly from the NAS.

I’m very confused. Can anybody offer any insight?

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You say you have a NAS and a Mac Mini that has an external hard drive correct? What type of NAS?

Or are you calling your Mac Mini with the external drive a “NAS”?


I am calling the 3Tb USB Seagate HDD attached to the Mac Mini an NAS.

All computers are connected by Ethernet.

How are you connected to the mini? SMB, FTP, DLNA, etc?

via SMB

So just so I understand what you’re seeing, when you add a new video to your external drive it will start to play but then it hangs up after about a minute but if you drag that to the desktop on the mini then it plays fine.

If you then try to play it after that from the external drive will it play without a problem? Will other files on the external drive play ok?

I haven’t tried dragging it back to the external drive to play. I will test that.

Other media that was already on the external hard drive before I started using infuse plays fine.

Do you mean it plays fine with other media players or it plays fine with infuse?

Plays fine with infuse.

I just copied the file back to the external drive and it hung after about a minute again. Definitely seems to be an issue with the external drive but the older files playing fine is a mystery.

Then again I just realised that the previous file would have undergone extra decoding through VideoDrive so that they could be added to iTunes on the Mac Mini and played directly through the Apple TV library app. So perhaps it’s an issue with streaming and extra decoding on the fly from the external drive within Infuse