Streaming from iomega 2TB Home Media Network Cloud Edition to iPad Mini

I upgraded to Infuse Pro (V2.2) last night after reading great reviews about streaming from Network Attached Storage using the app on iPad.  I'm currently using an iPad Mini to try and stream movies from my NAS (model in subject) which is connected to an Airport Express (2012 onwards model) with Cat-6 Ethernet cable. The Airport Exprsss is connected to a fibre modem with a Cat-6 Ethernet cable.  


After selecting a movie through the app, it brings up the media player but all I get is "An error occurred loading this content" at which point it takes me back to the NAS menu. After reading the forum I have done all of the following with no change:

Reset my iPad

Reset the Hard drive

Reset the Airport Express

Checked that it isn't an error on the network by playing films on VLC for iOS and accessing it via Mac

Removed and re added the NAS to the app &

Triple, quadruple checked the NAS credentials.


Can you please help me fix this problem as paying £4.99 for a "Pro" upgrade and having this issue is not exactly ideal. I hope I have provided enough information to solve this. 


We've had a few other reports like this, and narrowed down the issue to a compatibility issue with some Iomega NAS drives (at least the Cloud editions).

We ended up buying one of these drives, and fortunately were able to resolve the issue and plan to include the fix in the upcoming 2.3 update. :)

Excellent news. Any idea on when that will be available? 

We don't like to give out dates, but I can say it will be quite soon.

Cool sounds good, I look forward to it! 

Hi again. Exactly the same problem but with crashing. I’m guessing this is an iOS 8 issue but wanted to make sure it wasn’t specific to my particular NAS that you might have heard of?


Of course very good

Would this be related to my crash issue?