Streaming from Dropbox error

Hi guys

We use Infuse 6 Pro to show our own film productions inhouse. The videos are streamed from a specific Dropbox folder. The problem is, that this setup doen’t work pretty stable. We get errors sometimes, which stops the endless playlist until we restart the playback manually again.

The errors don’t happen with specific files, at specifiy times or on specifiy events. Mostly the errors appear over night but not everytime. Sometimes the endless playback runs for days, sometimes only for hours oder minutes.

Also it is not a problem of bandwith or traffic in the internal WLAN. Errors occur even if there is literally no traffic.

Does aynone have an idea about this? Thank you so much.

Just a wild guess, but since you’re at the mercy of the internet and the dropbox servers you may be seeing things like the servers switching in the background to do load sharing or your provider may be refreshing your connection. Both of which are normally transparent but if you happen to be playing a video that Infuse has managed to completely buffer and is no longer hitting the remote server when these occur it may look like a different connection when Infuse goes back out for the next video.

You may want to try an experiment if you have the ability, try loading the videos on a local server instead of on dropbox for a few weeks. See if you encounter the same issue. If not that cuts the possible problem areas in half.

Get a WD PR2100 or 4200 and use their mycloud app to stream direct from it using VLC player - your problem is Dropbox - which is not designed to be a media server - yet another useless add on to infuse whilst leaving demanded improvements ignored.

Thanks a lot @NC_Bullseye and @S1bar1 for your feedback. That helps a lot understanding the problem or what it could be. We will try it with an internal solution and hope that helps.


Glad to help!

I don’t know the particulars of your business and the volume of videos you’re working with but you may want to think about looking into a hybrid solution to support your needs. Synology has an “Off the shelf” solution that may fit your needs and would add some great local support as well. This coupled with a good NAS would give several pluses.

I’ve switched over to a Synology NAS and I’ve been very happy with the ease of use as well as the vast amount of applications and possibilities.