Streaming from a Windows PC


I need help setting up streaming from a Windows 8.1 PC to an iPhone/iPad because for some reason I can't get it working on my own.

I have followed the the SMB File Sharing guide ( to the letter and also tried endless other combinations of settings and while Infuse recognizes a share with the name of my PC it doesn't allow me to save it. The error message is: "An error occurred. Your username and password combination isn't right Please try again." This happens whether I supply a username or leave everything blank. On the windows PC I run the Administrator account with no password. The files I wish to stream are in a folder that has been shared out to the network.

This is driving me crazy, so what am I doing wrong?

I am pretty sure you will need a password on the windows account. If not, you cannot reach it no matter if its another computer or a mobile app.




That seemed to have worked, though this is not ideal as I actually don't want a password on my account. In any case thank you for the help!