Streaming from a Mac with ATV2 / Media Player


I´m using a MBP with LION (10.7.2), a MB with Leopard (10.5.8) and a TimeCapsule on my aTV2 (using aTV Flash (black) Version 1.0) 

I shared my folders as stated in your note (“Note: If streaming from a Mac or PC be sure to first Enable File Sharing.”)

There is no trouble with the TC and the MB (Leopard) but aTV can’t find any files and folders on my MBP. ATV shows my MBP as a share but I can’t get a connection. I always get the error: “AFP connection failed: unreachable network or incorrect login/password”

How can I get access to my files on MBP?


I have the exact same problem trying to access my Synology 207+ NAS.

Are you using a username/password to connect?

If you mean me, then yes.

Do you have AFP enabled on your Synology drive? For some reason, these usually ship with AFP turned off.

Me not, I don’t use any username or password. AFP is enabled.

Strange, when I have no user/passwd the test result is ‘passed’ but under my files it just says no playable media…

With user/passwd the test fails. Is it possible to try SMB, I can’t find any option to setup SMB, AFP always automatically chosen? 

Figured out how to connect using SMB, and it works! ISOs now play as well. Thanks for your support.

Could you share your results pls? Doesn’t work here… 

Selected ‘other’ when adding share. Now the share type can be changed to smb. Values need to be filled in manually. I left domain blank.



I can’t share from my mba (lion) using atvFlash…


I always get the error: “AFP connection failed: unreachable network or incorrect login/password”


Help me please

Are you using a username/password to connect?


Yes I am, but there is always this error sentence.

Do you have any solution?


If you view the share settings, does the Server field contain a number (IP address) or a name (My-MacBook.local)?

In 1.0 we started using DNS names instead of the IP address as the DNS names change much less often. If you’re using an IP address, your best option may be to remove that share, and setup a new one as this will use the DNS name instead.

Wich is what i did because my Ip address changes often.

It is : thename.local

Any other ideas?

(All the system works for all the other lion users? is it just me?)

same here: no IP - I´m using also the name.local w/o user and pw

Hi folks, for the german speaking of you: here´s an article on a german page dealing with this issue:

I think it’s a pity that the seller of the product don´t (can´t) help the customers even its a OS problem (but it doesn’t work). Sorry!


Did someone find a way to fix this problem?  I’m still working to find out what could be the issue…

I have the exact same problem. If I log in on my iMac with my MBP it works, but when I try to login on my iMac through the Media Player with exact the same DNS name, user and pass it gives the error AFP connection failed…


I hope someone will have solution for this.

Mine too has been working fine for weeks and then suddenly without any changes in the network or Macbook OSX Lion 10.7.2 setup has begun to give me the “AFP connection failed: unreachable network or incorrect login/password” error repeatedly. I have updated everything, restarted everything, tried everything I know of. I’m not very good at this stuff so if there is a may to fix it please tell me step by step.