Streaming DVD Playback Choppy

I’m trying to get streaming VIDEO_TS working and I’m having problems. I have the latest 3.5.1 aTV installed on 2.3.1 firmware, used smart-installer, “mixed” setting. File server is a Mac Mini Core 2 Duo 2.0, streaming VIDEO_TS folders from SMB mount on the Mini to the Apple TV. This is done through a wired connection (both Apple TV and Mini are connected via ethernet to my DLINK DIR-655 (802.11n / gigabit ethernet) wireless router w/ latest firmware). The VIDEO_TS movies playback for the most part, but playback is very choppy and stutters a few times per second. Any ideas on this?

If you can try to switch to AFP. I had all sorts of trouble with smb… swicthing to AFP saved me.

AFP was flawless, SMB is garbage. Unfortunately, AFP stopped working for me on the last update and there is a serious lack of support from atvflash.

Is the Apple TV connected via wired or wireless? SMB streaming works well in a wired environment, but wireless connections seem to be very unreliable on the Apple TV for streaming DVD files.

Did you find a solution to this??? I seem to have the same problem.

-I cannot switch to AFP
-I’m using a high-speed N-based wireless network via Time Capsule. The Mac Pro is wired and the ATV is wireless.
-I ran the smart installer successfully but a subsequent run shows an error “Partial… or Failure”
-I did manual share points, is there another way?
-I had trouble getting my 4GB Sandisk Cruzer to work for the initial install so I used a 1GB card from a PSP via a Sandisk USB-based card reader.

Thoughts??? HELP!



I’ve got it working via an ethernet cable