Streaming Cache Options

Hello, may I ask if it’s possible to add new caching options? The existing three options are not very ideal. The Auto mode caches continuously until the entire movie is downloaded on the device, which is very data-intensive when using a mobile network. (And sometimes I don’t watch the entire movie.)

Legacy mode, on the other hand, doesn’t actually cache, and even fast-forwarding by 10 seconds can result in buffering issues.

My suggestion is to allow users to set the cache size like other video players, for example, set a maximum cache of 300MB or 600 seconds, or provide users with “Large, Medium, Small” options to set the cache size. Having too large a cache (caching the entire movie) is not necessary, while too small a cache can lead to buffering issues.

I genuinely hope that Infuse can continue to improve, but there are still many areas that need improvement. I hope you can consider my feedback.


This is an option I wish was available as well.
Right now, it pretty much caches the entire file, which is definitely too much.