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Hi - awesome player. I stream files off Plex/Emby using Infuse on MacOS, and I’ve noticed that Infuse continues to download the entire file even when I am not actively watching the videos. So, if I put a video on pause, I see that the dark grey bar next to the play button continues to grow. Activity Monitor also shows that the file is continuously being downloaded at my maximum network speed. Of course, I can just stop the video instead of putting it on pause but as many other players do these days, I think Infuse should implement a feature where it would buffer only the amount that’s necessary for smooth playback instead of downloading the whole file.

This is problematic when I put a video on pause with intention to watch it soon only to be distracted by some other stuff and then close the video to watch it later. And later, when I start watching the video again, it downloads the whole file again in memory or somewhere and then it gets deleted if I don’t finish the video and watch the rest later. And at that point. Infuse downloads the file again from the beginning. This is very wasteful.


Try going to settings under playback and changing the Streaming Cache to

Perfect - seems like it is doing exactly what I needed/wanted. I did look at the help page for this setting but it was unclear what Legacy would do. Thanks for this tip! Would you consider though adding some kind of stop/threshold for Auto as well to be conservative about network usage?

I’ve noticed Infuse will download whichever episode or movie I’ve begun, and therefor allow my network drives to spin down after the first couple minutes instead of staying on the entire evening while I slowly work through the show but mostly my AppleTV is sitting in screensaver because I keep having random thoughts that need to be researched on like wikipedia or wherever and I never turn the TV off because I keep thinking I’ll go back to the show “soon as I finish this article” but each article leads to 15 others and we’re off to the races…

My poor, lonely, neglected TV :cry:.

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Doesnt tvOS Infuse have download function? What you want sounds like sync/download than streaming.

Nope. :wink:

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