Streaming Blu-ray ISO stops playing

I am new to infuse and found it after looking for a way to play a blu-ray iso on the iPad (streaming over the network). It works very well apart from the problem of stopping or more correctly skips video tracks occasionally during playback. I have only tried to watch 2 movies in their entirety but found that they both skip at exactly the same place in each movie… ie movie 1 (Hunt for red October) would always skip at 10mins, 29 mins, 54 mins and 66 mins while movie 2 (Collosal) would skip at 8 mins, 27 mins, 62 mins etc. The only way to continue watching is by terminating infuse and restarting the video after the time of skipping. Has anyone else experienced this? Can anyone help with this problem?

Would you mind sending in a note from your device the next time this happens so we can look under the hood and see what’s going on here?

On further investigation I found that the problem exists when streaming the ISO to Infuse via FileBrowser and not when selecting and playing directly within Infuse. I was using FileBrowser to select the file to stream because I use a shared external USB caddy attached to a NAS box so I can swap around my hard drive library. I was having problems getting Infuse to recognize a swapped hard drive but now appear to have things sorted out. It looks like user error! If you want me to recreate the problem and send you a log so you can see whats going on let me know… it is easy to re-create. Many thanks for such a great product!

Great! Thanks for following-up with this info. It may be helpful in tracking down issues in the future.

Ii seem to be having a similar issue. I don’t understand what the fix was. Can someone elaborate?

I am using infuse to play back my iso files from the shared folder on my server.

I am using the shared fold as favorite to browse and select the title. Not using File Browser so maybe this doesn’t apply


Make sure you are using a hi-speed WiFi connection as Blu-Ray needs a truck load and will suffer from stutters and unexpected stops. 802.11ac (5Ghz) does the trick for me… anything else has been a problem. I use an iPad Pro which has lots of processing power so that could also be a factor on older or non-pro models.

Thanks for your time to reply. Your issue is similar to mine except I have problems using a Apple tv 4k playing iso files.

Wifi not a concern because its wired.

I posted here:

Just trying to figure it out!

Joe, just a heads up, were you aware you’re posting in the iPhone and iPad sub forum? That may cause some confusion for those that are trying to help out if your issues are with the Apple TV.

Sometimes the solutions may work on both platforms but often their two different animals.

I also use an Apple TV 4K box over a wired connection. I have watched many Blu-ray’s using this without issue. The early version of Infuse had trouble actually seeing the network share but the latest version is reliable. The only problem I have now is that on some discs the wrong video stream is selected and I have to restart after selecting the correct one.

I realize this. The original post that I listed as a link is in the correct forum tvOS(New apple tv).

I only ventured here because I did a search for “iso” and saw playback issues.

So please disregard as your issue clearly was due to wireless connectivity.