Streaming basics from Windows?


I just installed aTV Flash, and so far I’ve just messed around a tiny bit with it. I was able to accomplish the very basic task of FTPing files and playing them on the device, but that’s about as far as I’ve gotten.

The main thing I’d like to figure out is the best way to stream video from a Windows PC. Any suggestions? If you could point me in the correct general direction I’d be very grateful.

Thanks for the help!!

Are you running XP or Vista? Vista has a built in network media share option, that will allow you to stream without much setup.

I was able to stream to an XP machine using SMB via NitoTV. However, it was too herky jerky to be viewable. I have an ‘n’ wireless router and the serving PC is 2.4GHz, no slouch system.

(As an aside, I have yet to get AFP working under NitoTV using a Quad Core MacPro to serve media. Keep getting the -1069 server error.)

AFP can be enabled. We have a tutorial setup here: Firecore - Video Player for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and Mac

I’m using an XP machine. Is there a good solution for that?

Alternatively, I wouldn’t need to stream anything if I could get an external USB drive to work with my AppleTV. But I don’t understand the release notes for the betas, which mention something about NitoTV. Any tips on how to get an external USB drive to work?

edit Nevermind, after poking around some of the threads I found the Knowledgebase thread. I still think the following should be remedied, though: edit

Oh, and Applecore, I would have searched the forums for threads describing this process, but you really need to fix the search “feature.” It’s essentially useless, because almost every term you type in will result in “The following words in your search query were ignored because they are too common words:” It’s extremely frustrating to hit this with every single search I try. I just tried the word “external,” and given the age of this forum, I can’t imagine that that word has been used a whole lot of times. So yeah, it might be a good idea to fix this. I’m happy to search on a topic before I post, but I can’t do that the way it is…