Streaming away from home

maybe im missing someting, but it seems the only way i can connect to my files on network is if im on the same network as my sharing device (ie, home).  now if im home, why would i want to watch a movie on my iphone or ipad?  i thought the whole idea was to be able to watch them remotely?  i have a dyndns domain, and either on 3G or another wifi (at the hotel for example) im unable to stream from home.  it doesnt connect.  i’Ve tried by entering the home ip address, or my dyndns name but nothing works.  only if im at home, on the same network.  and at home, i never watch movies on my ipad.


so am i doing something wrong, or is it just the way it is???  any ways to watch those files remotely??

Have you set up the required port forwarding on your router?   Which ports need forwarding will vary according to the protocol you are using.


Ideally you should be using a VPN connection as otherwise you are potentially opening up your home network to hackers.

which port do i have to open to have access to the files?


i also have a vpn… not sure how it would help me to connect remotely…