Streaming away from home. (no Nas nor Apple airports)

I’m using plex currently but, I heard good things about infuse so I purchased it.

I’m already having troubled with accessing via LTE.
why can’t I use remote access from outside?
I don’t have Nas or apple airport.

I only have pc internal hard disk to use from outside.
For Plex, it is no problem connecting from outside. Only have to do is
port forwarding.

However for infuse, I need to have Nas or apple airports?
Only solution I found was this articles,

Article only tells me how to use for Nas or apple airports.
what about regular PC user with internal hard disk?

Can you please help me out?

The upcoming 5.7 update will feature an all-new native Plex integration which will also allow for remote streaming. This will probably be your best bet if you want to stream away from home.

We’re working to put the finishing touches on 5.7, and anticipate being able to release it later this month.

Is Plex still the best way to go on this for both local and remote speeds. I just picked up a DDNS from Eero hoping it would solve this issue.