Streaming AirPlay issues on Apple TV 3. Help?

Hey guys, I’ll try and make this is as clear as possible and provide as much information. Just curious to see if anyone else is having these problems.

I used to rock an Apple TV 2 with Infuse for years, but our Apple TV wasn’t working with Netflix/Hulu so decided to also grab a 3.

Liked the 3 better (1080, newer iOS) and decided to download Infuse 3 Pro for my iPhone 6 so as to stream the same content to the Apple TV 3 form my 2014 MacBook Pro Retina with Yosemite.

But here are the issues I am experiencing:

  • Infuse can’t find my shares automatically. Have to add my MacBook manually (no biggie. But was never a problem before)
  • Will have no issues playing files on the iPhone.
  • Will attempt to AirPlay, get the loading wheel for ages. After starting, the media in a questions (a 22 minute show) will only play the first few minutes, close, then play the next episode.

Can’t find any information elsewhere so thought I’d try this. I have tried deactivationg Dolby on the Apple TV as well.

Would love to hear any suggestions for what I can do better.

Am also considering getting a TimeCapsule soon and using it as a NAS. Would this make the situation better?