Streaming 720p .MKV from iMac

Hello everyone, hope you can help me.

I looked through the site, but didn’t find what I needed.

I have an iMac intel Mac OS X 10.7 and appleTV 1st Gen

Is it possible to stream video like this:


video MPEG-TSresolution 1280*720 fps: 59.940 bitrate 6000kps scan Progressive audio AC-3 | 384 Kbps | 2 channels | size ~4.5 GB

If I can’t, then can the 2nd generation AppleTV play it?

Thank you for your help.

Unfortunately that particular file was recorded at 60 FPS, which is quite high and won’t be supported on the AppleTV.

Most normal content is recorded at 24-30 FPS.

Thank you James,

So even the new Apple TV won’t play it?

Sorry, 60 FPS is just too much for even the new AppleTV to handle.

You’ll have to convert this into a more manageable 30 FPS file using Handbrake.