Streaming 4K UHD problem using Raspberry Pi 3b and Plex


I’m currently using a Raspberry Pi 3b as a Plex server, which works very well on the same network. I use it to stream movies in 480p to 4K UHD Dolby Vision x Atmos, which works great when I’m at home on Wi-Fi on all of my devices (a bit slow to load first but no stuttering at all).

So here’s the problem, I used port forwarding to get access to my Plex Server using remote access when i’m not home. It’s working over mobile data (4G) and also working over another Wi-Fi (not my home), it can stream up to 1080p, if I want to stream 4K movies then it starts stuttering after 10 seconds and then goes on infinite loading or will freeze every 10-15 seconds. I’ve also made some speedtest over the Wi-Fi connexion and it was a really good connexion to stream 4K movies (I do with no problem using streaming platforms such as D+ or Netflix)

I hope you understand my problem… I don’t really know what’s the problem here, is it Infuse ? Is it my Raspberry?

Thank you so much for your help

I am guessing that the problem might be the upload speed on your home internet connection. This can often be about 10% of the download speed on your home connection. I suspect that the 4K files just cannot be uploaded fast enough.

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Hello, the upload speed was the same as the place I went to test it remotely. It was a 10 Mbps upload speed. It’s working on the same network but not when I’m outside?

Can you post a mediainfo of the video specs for one of the 4K videos you watch. Also, can you do a speed test in Infuse when you’re at home with the same file?

So here’s the media info about this one I’m testing. Working on Wi-Fi at home but not at my friend’s house. Speed test is good on my Wi-Fi (home) around 90 Mbps for it. At my friend’s house should be around 70 Mbps (didn’t test but we have the same average speed)

You’ll need an upload speed of at least 50Mbps to stream 4K web rips… 10Mbps isn’t really enough for remote streaming. Also the raspberry pi3b has a hard limit of 100Mbps on the Ethernet port… this might limit streaming of high bitrate videos while at home. Consider upgrading to a pi4

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The video on that file alone requires a bandwidth of >26 Mb/s — then you need to account for the audio, and transfer overhead …