Stream to DLNA devices

Me too. But only if the cast towards the tv include not only the video and audio but also the subs. And hopefully without the limitation on the media file that the chromecast and atv have.

That feature would be really great! I hope the developers will implement it…


Still no support for direct casting to Smart TVs that support it?!?! How hard can this be to implement considering that so many apps (MCPlayer, ArkMC, Play2TV, iPlayTo, Allshare, TV Assist to name a few) do support casting to DLNA devices / Smart TVs?!?

Has there been any further update getting support for Smart TVs. I am keen to move to Infuse from Plex, but without the App support it doesn’t make sense to move yet.

Nop. At least not as far as I am aware. You are better off using Plex right now for casting to your smart tv bypassing an Apple TV or Android box.

I’ve read that Infuse supports DNLA streaming and so does the Xbox One, but for some reason I can’t manage to stream the videos I have on my iPad (in the Infuse app) to my Xbox One.

Wouldn’t it be cool to enable this feature in the future? Image: you’re watching an episode on your iPad and with one touch of a button, it continues on your TV.

If this is already possible and I’m just not looking on the right place, I would be happy to hear that too :slight_smile:

Streaming to DLNA devices isn’t supported just yet, but is something we’re hoping to add.

Awesome, love how you guys keep expanding this great app. Keep up the good work!

Please make it happen.

Is it really that much of a challenge to cast stream to DLNA devices / Smart TVs?

To be able to watch on a big screen and then later on simply resuming on an iDevice is a fantastic feature that should not be limited to AppleTV and Chromecast owners in my opinion.

Right now I use instead Plex on the TV and transfer a copy of whatever I am watching in Infuse on my iPhone to « resume » viewing when I leave my living room or go on a commute… It is honestly an annoying pain in the butt. Next best thing is using ArkMC to do everything asked here but it doesn’t support metadata but is arguably a major selling point too.

Note : I don’t have enough of a dataplan that would allow me to watch movies remotely.

yes please, add this feature. I then will be the first buy the full Pro subscription

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It’s possible to stream directly to the new DJI Goggles (via DLNA). This would be a match made in heaven if influse would add this feature!