Stream to DLNA devices

Please make it happen in Plex Infuse 6!!

I do believe this feature request has 0 visibility but since the devs are trying to be more involved…

Any plan of having Infuse cast directly to TV sets (like LG TVs) like other apps such as Plex, iPlayTO, ArkMC, TV Assist and more?
It would be nice to be able to cast directly on my LG Smart TV without resorting to buy an Apple TV.

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I totally agree! I do not see any reason to buy any additional hardware (Apple TV or Chromecast) while almost all Smart TV are UPNP compatible! I hope that developers answer this topic.

I am not sure I understand this? If a TV is UPNP then it should already be able to play from a UPNP/DLNA server without involving inFuse at all. What am I missing?.

Yes, these TVs are able to play videos using DLNA server such as Plex. But from time to time the only place where my films are stored is my Infuse Pro app and I am not able to play these films on my UPNP compatible TVs (I mean to stream these films from Infuse Pro app directly to UPNP compatible TV without any aditional hardware or software). And that’s what I want.

One of competitors Player (it’s name starts with “n”) is able to play films stored in this player using UPNP, not only Chromecast… And I think it is great function and it is also function that Infuse app lacks. I hope I have made it more clear, have not I?

Many times while at the hotel or a friend’s house for instance I had access to a smart TV but no PC. Each time my only options were iPlayTo , TV Assistband ArkMC.

If it was possible to cast from Infuse directly to my TV set I would pay for the app in heartbeat.

Ok, now I see what you are asking, but it not being described correctly. You do not cast from inFuse in such a configuration. Instead inFuse becomes a UPNP server and is passive. The TV would then ‘pull’ the video from the inFuse UPNP server.

Ok perhaps I didn’t use the proper terms… What I see with the other apps is that I can play the videos on the device or I can click on an icon on the idevice and all of a sudden the TV displays the movie without having to do anything on the TV. It works that same way as with Window “PlayTo” feature.

That’s exactly what I mean as well.

I suspect this is being done using Miracast (which most current LG TV’s seem to support) and not UPNP that was mentioned earlier. It would work like that.

No, it definitely does not have to be done using Miracast because my TV does not support it and I am able to do what was described by mozbius (using another app).

well it has to be something similar because simple UPNP does not support pushing the video to the TV. What model of TV - maybe perusing the spec will give a clue as to what feature is being used to achieve this.

I have LG 42LW650s and SAMSUNG UE22ES5410.

Maybe it is not UPNP, it may be DLNA but the fact is that the only thing that is necessary to stream content from iPhone or iPad to Smart TV is both devices to be connected to the same wifi network and app that is able to stream content to that smart TV without any aditional hardware (apps such as ArkMc or nPlayer). I am sorry for my English, I am not native English speaker.

I have a LG 55UB8500 and as described by others my iPhone needs to be on the same network as the TV for this to work.

Just bought an LG 65UH6150 4K Smart TV with WebOS 3.0 and would like to stream media from a network (SFTP) directly to the TV.

We love Infuse PRO 4 but wondering if in my current trial of Infuse PRO 5 I can stream directly to the TV from the network (SFTP)?

I imagine I can get it to work by using Google ChromeCast (Ultra) as the TV has WebOS 3.0 it natively supports 90% of what I need.


From the look of it th Smart TV need to DLNA compatible.

My TV is a DNLA certified Smart TV…

How do I get Infuse PRO 4 or 5 to stream to it from iOS? Right now all I can do is AirPlay through Apple TV.

Appreciate it if anyone who can help.


Right now it is impossible. Infuse only supports playback to TV through Chromecast or Apple TV. So you actually need to purchase one of those modules. Somehow it appears that Firecore is not fully aware of the DLNA standard which allows the exact same functionality as Apple TV & Chromcast for playback straight to TV (as in competitive software namely nPlayer, iPlayTo, ArkMC Pro, TVAssist which routinely become free every now and then!).

I couldn’t find out what exact technologies/libraries mentioned in this thread apps used, but there’s an opensource library that allows casting media to most TVs and other devices, not requiring Chromecast or Apple TV.

Devs, could you please please please look into this?

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