Stream to DLNA devices

Hi folks, 

In my opinion they should include in future infuse updates the ability to stream videos to other dlna devices with subtitle support. Would be great Watch movies in my smart tv with subtitiles streaming direct from iPad. I already use the airplay option in my other tv and works great.




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I would have thought this unlikely as inFuse is a media client, not a server. At the moment you can already do what you want if you have an Apple TV as you can use AirPlay from the iPad to the Apple TV device and that can then display the picture on your TV. One feature that has been discussed as likely to happen that would give an alternative way of doing this is support for the Chromecast dongle as an alternative to the Apple TV…

4 years already… please look into making this happening. Other apps do play directly to DLNA devices already (same principle as having an Apple TV or Chromcast).

Send video to dlna renderer devices like smart tvs.

Support DLNA sounds good add.

Beyond the current Airplay and Chromecast… support for Roku, XBOX. Playstation, DLNA TV’s would be perfect (such as AllCast)

Subscribing to Dropbox / Google Drive / Box would also be great.

When I cast from Twonky to my Roku… it will cast the Dolby Digital Audio… would this be possible?

I know this has been asked before…

Can you add DLNA Server ability to the app? It would honestly make it PERFECT.

Beyond the casting to Apple and Chromecast, devices such as the Roku, Playstation, and just about anything else would be able to play the files.

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I think the same thing.

Any plan of making Infuse able to stream to DLNA capable supporting Smart TV?

ArcMC, iPlayTo, TV Assist, Tubio to only name a few that have this feature… I already got them and other Media Player but none have the Infuse look/GUI this feature is almost the only thing that is holding me back from purchasing this app.

Any luck for version 6? I have literally stopped using Infuse and only get reminded of that app because of the updates email.

Please add Playback over “TO” DLNA displaying devices as a PRO feature. It works just like GoogleCast but it allows to control playback, pause etc.

ArcMC Pro , iPlayTo and many others already have that feature.

Please have Infuse app directly play videos on Samsung / LG DLNA compatible TV.
Are there any plans to introduce this feature? Everyone with a smart TV would benefit from this…
Thank you

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Please have Infuse cast to DLNA compatible Smart TV (meaning TVs that don’t need Googlecast or AppleTV to get casted on).
It works the same way as AirPlay and Chromecast BUT doesn’t require the use of an extra box.

Would really be the cherry on the cake if we are able to get DLNA/UPnP casting to devices (Smart TV’s for example)

This would save the need to buy an Apple TV or a TV with AirPlay built in.

Currently using nPlayer which does the job but doesn’t have that same polish that Infuse brings so it is a bit of a chore to use. Also currently have a Pro membership that I’d like to make use of (no longer have an Apple TV)

Any chance we could make it happen? Even if it were a paid additional feature I’d happily pay.

I would like to use the Infuse app and directly play the videos on my Samsung TV. I attached a photo of the feature I am asking, while using another app. Are there any plans to introduce this feature? Everyone with a smart TV would benefit from this…
Thank you

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You can buy an 3rd gen Apple TV (abt.25,00 EUR on ebay) and use Airplay. Or buy a 4th gen and use Infuse directly on ATV

That is correct. But why not adding this feature without and remove the need of using and Apple TV?

I am looking for the same thing.

You should probably post that in the Plex forum. :wink:

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Major fail on my part!!! I really meant to say Infuse 6!!! FacePalmSlap in full effect!!