Stream remotely from My Cloud

Hi there

I have been a happy Infuse user for some years and I regularly stream movies from my WD My Cloud NAS Drive over my local network. In theory, I can access the files on this drive remotely, although the iOS app isn’t super fast or reliable. Is there any way of connecting Infuse to the NAS Drive remotely so I can watch my movies when I’m away from home? I would be particularly interested in doing this via an Apple TV as I’ll be dividing my time between two venues for a while.

Cheers. Tom.

If the NAS can run plex server that would be the easiest way. If it can’t setup up VPN server on your router/NAS and use that to connect back into your home network. Just make sure you have decent upload bandwidth especially if your files are 4K

Alternitively, you could use WebDAV if the NAS allows it. I use this and works perfectly and so don’t have to install Plex or another media server software.

I pretty much followed the below but changed the WebDAV port number to a random one.