stream over lte

trying to use the long awaited stream over lte feature. i noticed it doesnt have the AFP for sharing so i was trying to use SMB to stream from my imac at home.

i have a free dns domain name with but when i enter that domain name into the address field in infuse it never connects with imac at home… any ideas??

You will need to create a VPN, or port forward SAMBA port ranges from your WAN router, through to your iMac, which should be on a static IP address.

VPN is definately the more secure option.


i’ve already opened port 139 and 445. still doesnt work. my mac is already on a static address…

when entereing the address in ios infuse, do i have to write smb://ip address or just the ip address? or can i use my domain server?

i’ve noticed that when i enter smb:// infuses changes it to smb/// it changes the colon for a slash… is it a bug?

Not that I haven’t tried it, but you may need 135-139 for all Netbios services. UDP AND TCP.

Having said that, your ISP may be blocking the ports as well as a safety measure.

It is not the smartest method for remote access, and people can quite easily gain access to your files. I would then check logs on your router to see if you are getting events on those ports.

You should just need the DNS domain name in Infuse under Address.